Our hotel is strategically located for exploring the area and its most important tourist attractions.

Diamante, an authentic pearl of the Riviera, with its historic centre characterized by the famous murals painted by internationally renowned artists. Home to the world-famous five-day annualChilli Pepper Festival”, it hosts daily food and wine, cultural and local, national and international craft exhibitions;

The ruins of ancient Cirella,
with its famous theatre that hosts numerous artistic events throughout the summer, welcoming artists from all over the world.

The Cedar Museum,
in Santa Maria del Cedro (1.5 km from the Hotel);

Scalea with its historical centre, its ancient Talao and Cimalonga towers and the ruins of the medieval Norman Castle;

S. Nicola Arcella and Praia a Mare
, beautiful seaside villages with their respective famous Arco Magno and Isola di Dino;

The Sanctuary of S. Francesco da Paola (CS);

(PZ), nicknamed ‘the pearl of the Tyrrhenian’, with its beautiful village and famous statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’;

Sila and Pollino National Parks,
to go trekking, riding, and exploring the wild nature around you, less than 1 hour away.

From the mountains to the sea, Calabria is a land to visit all year round!

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